Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Numbers Never Lie

I'm sitting here crying.  Why?  Because I just got off my ass and did something I'd been meaning to do for awhile...dust off my old The Complete Idiot's Guide to Numerology.  I knew that things in my life were going to change, I just wasn't sure what (numerological) year I was getting ready to enter in 2013.  So I looked it up cause I was pretty sure that I was due for a year full of beginnings - especially after the heaviness of 2012.

I'm crying because without realizing it I am looking at the last two days of a 9 Personal Year.  What is a 9 Personal Year you ask?  It's a year of completion, release, forgiveness, and transformation; a quieter year, a time to rest, but can be busy in the first half.  Yeah, I knew this was a 9 year.  All that heavy depression and loneliness I was feeling and talking to my therapist about.  I didn't have a very good 9 year cycle this last time, I mean it started out great...I lost 50 pounds and quit smoking...but after that, I didn't take care of myself and it piled up on me in the last year.  I spent 2012 looking for release of all this negativity and a way to forgive myself for everything.

It's the caution box next to the 9 Personal Year in the book that actually caused the tears.  It says "CAUTION: Sometimes, the 9 Personal Year can be emotional, because you're letting go of the old so the new can come in.  For others, the 9 year is a transformational year:  A large piece of their life story is healed or released, and with it, an end occurs."  Nailed it.

Letting go of the old so the new can come in.  
A large piece of their story is healed or released.

In 2 days I start my next 1 Personal Year.  A 1 year is an active year.  It is a time of new beginnings and planting seeds.  It is a time for me to focus on myself and, more than any other year, this is a time for me to become acquainted with the needs of my self.  I plan on having a pretty epic 1 year...and then following it up with an aware and epic 9 year cycle.

I'm hoping to journal more in 2013, either here or in my actual paper journal (omg, how shocking!).  Here's to a great year everyone!


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