Friday, November 2, 2012

It's Alive!!!!

Okay, well technically  I'm not an it....unless you ask our misogynistic media, but I don't have time for  that rant this morning.

What I really came here for was a quick update and some craziness.

Depression - still dealing with it but it's significantly more manageable.  My therapist thinks I've made amazing progress.  I do need to increase my medication a little though (I have to get my insurance straightened out first...long story [not really, that's just not the point of this post]).

Sex Life - still nonexistent, which is so very sad.  If you're interested, let me know.  We should talk.

Family - all still alive.  I got to see my sister for a couple of days (and a really good friend) a couple of weeks ago when I was in NOLA for a conference.

School - definitely do not have enough time to post about this, suffice it to say that I'm absolutely loving it.  I've decided, for certain, that I want to teach University and have started making inquiries into how to make this a reality for me.  I'll post more about this later.

Everything Else - is still there, the world is still spinning, there is still night and day, everyone I care about is alive and healthy, and you're still here :)

The Post:
Okay, what I really wanted to post about is that I just found out it was No-Shave November!  What is this, you ask??  It's a month full of no shaving (typically for men) for prostate cancer awareness.  I saw a conversation on Facebook between some male friends about it and decided that I wanted to join in also, because, I mean really, what female really enjoys shaving?!

On top of this epic month of being hairy, a friend of mine posted about how she had been soap and shampoo free for 6 months and was loving every minute of it.  Apparently her skin and hair were 10 bagillion times healthier for it.  I decided that since I wasn't going to shave, I might as well not "bathe" either.

So for the month of November, I pledge to you, that I will not shave my pits or legs in support of prostate cancer awareness AND I will not use any product on my skin or hair (except for conditioner).  I will also try to not take showers so hot I turn into a crustaceans.

I started today and my shower time was about 5 minutes.  My normal shower time is 15.  I'm also a shedder.  You know what I'm talking about.  My hair sheds all over the place.  When I wash my hair, I have handfuls of it after I shampoo.  There was no hair in my hands this morning (well, maybe a small amount but so insignificant compared to previously).  Already I'm seeing a major difference.

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