Sunday, May 6, 2012

Warm Fuzzies

It was a very long day, and I'm still not in bed.  I'll be going after this post though - I can barely keep my eyes open.  I got to spend some time with some of my classmates  this evening though and it was really good to have that human connection.  As much as I hate being around people, I can forget how comforting it is to be around good friends.  I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that everyone tonight was a lot closer to my age than the people I'm used to hanging out with.  The boys even had a good time <3

I'm about to pass out here so I'll just give a few notes before I go to bed.  First, the Sound of Fury documentary really pissed me off.  Not the film, but the grandmother.  She was so hateful that I wanted to punch her in the face. Second, I went to my old MySpace page to find a photo from the Georgia Aquarium to use as my Facebook cover photo and I found my old "About Me"section.  It made me smile so I had to share it.

This just made me feel better.  I found an old "About Me" thing that I wrote about 6 years ago and I had to smile.

About me:
"There is nothing like returning to a place that hasn't changed to see how you, yourself, have altered." ~Nelson Mandella

I am not perfect. I do my best on a daily basis ((some days are better than others)). I struggle with my downs and I over-inflate my ups. I've stolen and lied and slept around and technically have even committed adultery.

I'm addicted to tattoos. I think each piece of art placed on my body tells my story at that point. As I grow and learn so do they.

This is the photo that caused me to shave my head
I have holes in my ears, loud opinions, strong convictions, absolutely no tact, a driving need to help people better themselves, undying love for my family and friends, a strange love of calculus, and an open mind.

I am selfish, unforgiving, overly dramatic, rude, crude, obnoxious, stubborn, emotional, lackadaisical, facetious, mathtabulous, mathalicious, and sometimes even quixotic...but no matter what, I'm always me.

I can devour books in one sitting, laugh for no reason at all, sleep for 2 days straight, re-live my high-times completely sober while I describe my search for the ultimate cotton mouth, throw up when I think about smoking again, inhale an entire bag of chocolate chex mix, find pure joy in Pi and ignore all of my shortcomings so that I continue to live in my bubble where everyone but me is flawed.


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