Sunday, May 13, 2012

Out of the mouths of babes

I swear I wish I had a camera following me around recording the conversations I have with my family.  I just had the best tucking-in-bed conversation with Aidan.  We get comfy and the first words out of his mouth are "Mom, what's a queer?".

Me: "A Queer person is simply someone that is different.  That's all queer means - different, odd.  Some people that identify as queer are -"

I went on to explain in more detail and then after that part of the conversation he proceeded to compare the members of our family to characters on How I Met Your Mother.  It was quite humourous actually.  Here is the list according to Aidan:

Brother: Barney - except that Devon doesn't "hit it and run", he "hits it and stays awhile".

Aidan: Ted - but he's not as successful as Ted is and he doesn't grow a "breakup" beard

Mom: Can't be Lilly, because Lilly is married.  Can't be Marshall, because Marshall is married.  That just leaves Barney's bimbos and Robin.  I can't be Barney's bimbos because Devon (brother) never hit on me and I can't be Robin because Aidan never hit on me.  After a small deliberation, Aidan has decided that I am Barney's mom - "because she's compassionate and accepting".

Mama-V: This one took a long while for him to figure out and much deliberations between him and Victoria...the conclusion is that Mama-V is the beer in the bar because it "makes people laugh and holds them up".

I love the way that child thinks.


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