Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lighter Load

Today was healing.  
My heart is mending.  
Eyes are crying.
The wind was blowing, blowing, blowing...
Her soul danced.
~ATC, 5/5/12~

Two posts this month, I'm on a roll!  Actually I just wanted to say how utterly free I feel today.  I'm not exactly sure why (well yes I do, I no longer have the stress of school looming over my head anymore for a couple of months).  I didn't even get to sleep in today!  But I was productive, and I did some healing.

Victoria pushed me to blog my creative expressions (I have amazing Sims stories).  I have these stories in my soul somewhere and as I get lost in the Sims, the stories unfold.  I tell them to Victoria and she's always telling me I need to write them down but I've never been able to write like that.  If I could tell my stories and then have someone else write what I say, that'd be amazing.  I'd probably "write" a shit-ton of books LOL!

Regardless, she pushed me and since I had time (and she gave me the name of the blog "The Sim-ple Life") I decided to try.  It was difficult.  I wrote and wrote and wrote, then deleted and repeated 5 or 6 times.  Nothing I did felt right.  I wasn't telling my story, I was writing a book - there's a difference.  I finally decided just to write it as I told it without any fancy bells or whistles, and once I made that decision it flowed like an un-damned river.  The feeling I felt while writing was hard to describe.  At some points I found myself trying to shorten the story and get to the end but I had to stop because Alexia (the sim I was writing about) wouldn't let me tell her story incompletely, so I kept writing.

In the end, the story was long and I was (and still am) completely drained.  Alexia's story is my first "serious" story.  Up until this point, all my Sims' stories have been ridiculous and silly.  I feel like writing that story was cathartic for me even though it wasn't mine.  Anyway, I plan on updating it every once in awhile (a few times a week), whenever a story needs to be told.

In the meantime...tomorrow is Victoria's graduation and I'm so proud of her...I can hardly breathe.  I know I'm going to cry and I hate that I feel so weak when I do, but who cares?  My girl is getting her Bachelor's degree!


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