Sunday, May 13, 2012

Early morning musings

I'll be going to bed soon...the earliest I've been to bed in over a week.  I just wanted to drop a few thoughts on here before sleeping though.  First, I wrote twice in my Sim blog tonight.  Writing those stories is kinda weird for me.  I feel like my Sims aren't talking to me as much now since I'm writing about their stories.  It's kinda like I broke their trust or something or they got stage freight or something.  Second, I've come to the realization that Victoria's boyfriend, Chris, is my girlfriend's boyfriend.  Weird, right?  Victoria isn't my girlfriend.  We're not involved in any way except friendship....and yet, we are.

After talking to her for a bit last night, we've come to the conclusion that we are non-romantical, non-sexual, domestic life partners...or just life partners for short.  Basically, we're the primary couple in a polyamorous family.  Thank god my kids are cool with all this!

I started wondering what would happen when I meet someone.  She'd have to be okay with being a part of our family, and there's no way I couldn't keep from comparing any future partner of mine to Victoria.

I've only had a couple of close female friends throughout my life - 4 to be exact.  Each of them different to each other and yet fitting into me like a puzzle.  At the peak of those friendships, never was there a question of what life would be like without them (for whatever reason).  Life would go on.  I would be sad, and heartbroken, but I would be (eventually) fine.  The kicker is this:  I can't even begin to imagine my life without Victoria....and we're not even having sex!

Anyway, that's enough thinking for awhile.  Happy Mother's Day! <3

Except that the gods sometimes split people into more than two pieces.


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