Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sexual Fluidity

Yeah, I'm supposed to be writing a paper again (3 actually...and I'm probably still working on the same one I mentioned before...Cyborg Feminism is a bitch to understand.  Damn you Donna Haraway!)  I just wanted to say something.  Yes I am a lesbian.  There is no doubt in my mind about this.  However; I'm not going to completely rule out the idea of a relationship with a man simply because he has a penis and lacks boobs (those wonderfully magical creations).  No that doesn't make me bisexual.  No I'm not confused.  I lovelovelove women...rawr!  And given the choice between the two (with only limited information and going on the physicality of it all) I'm going to have to go with boobs.  Always.  There is no more question in my mind about this.  But here's the thing...while I can find someone physically attractive enough for some quick and freak-nasty snatch rubbing (sorry mom..) it's the personality and their heart that will keep me around.  I don't want to miss out on someone special just because of their body parts.

So yes, I still check out the men folk and wonder...but what really gets my heart pumping is the ladies...mmm, (would it be tacky of me to say) finger lickin'?

Or maybe I just need to be in an polyamorous relationship?


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